5 Things I Love About Elizabeth Eakins

Oct. 8 2015
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Terese Becker is excited to join the team as an expert Sales Rep


1. The People

I find the people I work with to be one of the most important aspects of my job. Luckily I work with a team that makes me excited to go to work every morning. My coworkers are my support system, and everyone plays an integral role in the company. They are not only there for me as I travel all over, but they provide excellent service to my clients, and everyone who calls, or walks in to Elizabeth Eakins. This team has a unique way of making you feel like an instant friend, and they go above and beyond to make every client happy.

2. The Variety

I love the variety. Elizabeth Eakins offers many patterns, colors, and techniques to choose from.  From beautiful wool woven rugs, to completely custom hand tufted rugs, and the modern Hagga rugs, there is something at Elizabeth Eakins for everyone.  Not only is there a variety in product, every day is different. I get to work on many different projects, and interact with a lot of different people.


3. The Integrity

Everything at Elizabeth Eakins is made by hand, from start to finish using the finest wools, silks, and linens. It is rare to find a company that handles everything themselves all the way through, and in house. I admire Elizabeth’s dedication to her craft in the way she hand colors the hand drawn templates. The wool is dyed utilizing dye methods that support the environment, which leave a small footprint on the environment.  There are many practices throughout production, and daily routine that keep in mind the footprint we leave on the environment. Lastly, every rug comes through the Norwalk showroom before being sent out for a thorough quality check.


4. The Culture

Most people think of culture in the work environment as free snacks, napping stations, and games. The culture at Elizabeth Eakins is based on values, communication, and encouragement. Walk the hallways and you will see people smiling and having a good time in the midst of high productivity, and focus.  The culture at Elizabeth Eakins speaks volumes about the company. 

5. The Creativity

It is very rewarding to see the finished product in a home. It fascinates me how each of Elizabeth’s rug designs can be translated in completely different ways. You may look at a pattern and think it is very traditional, but once you change a color, or add furniture to the room, the entire rug can take on a new modern personality. It’s this kind of versatility in the rugs that allows everyone to be creative. I am also inspired by the managers of each division who create new colorways, and patterns every day, to improve all that Elizabeth Eakins has to offer. There is no limit to how create you can get!