A Perfect Match Q&A

Mar. 3 2016
What's New

We are excited to announce that beginning March 1st, the entire Elizabeth Eakins Fabric Collection will be available for purchase through Holland & Sherry showrooms in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington.

A Perfect Match will bring the subtle luxury of Elizabeth Eakins fabrics to more homes.

What defines timeless design?

Bryan Dicker: To me, timeless design is really about subtle luxury. It is about exceptional quality first. It is great design second. It is not about what is fashionable today — of the now. It is about being fashionable in the future or the past.

Elizabeth Eakins: I agree with Bryan’s point. I think the thing that is integral to timeless design is that it speaks to a foundation of history. It is flexible and pliable. It pulls us forward. It endures. At Elizabeth Eakins Inc. when we look to design, we often begin looking at our histories, through ages and across cultures, as a source of inspiration.

What common ideas do you share when it comes to fabric?

Elizabeth Eakins: The thing we both really appreciate is quality and color. If you are a manufacturer of a quality product or you represent a quality vendor, you are building something special in the marketplace.

Bryan Dicker: Both Elizabeth Eakins and Holland & Sherry are focused on quality materials. Specifically, we are focused on natural fibers. Both companies concentrate on and believe in the power of products produced from natural fibers.