Feb. 7 2014
How it's Made

shepherd india


farm no fence
I reckon that we travelled some 750 miles of road in and around Rajasthan and as a shepherd from Kansas, I kept my eyes open for Agriculture.

No fences.

In farmed ground, the boundaries are set by the mounds that run between the plots, mounds caused because they were not tilled and the tilled ground on either side has subsided.

The livestock – cattle, goats, pigs, dogs – live in and around the villages where the people live, farmers and everyone else, and if they get in the way, just shoo them away or tie them up. I saw no undernourished animals anywhere.

open farm
The flock of sheep I saw, maybe a hundred or so, was walking with a sense of purpose beside the Udaipur-Jodhpur road, not grazing, one shepherd behind, the other on the highway side. They had been shorn by hand clippers without electricity in the last two months. No fence.

It’s worth doing, what we do, we shepherds, and that’s doing it the hard way.

© Jerry Wigglesworth, February 2014