How a rug is made

May. 2 2015
How it's Made

We always start with a conversation. Dialoguing with our clients we learn their preferred style, pattern and colorway, how the rug will be used and how soon they need it completed. After we know the general direction we move on to specifics.

Together we walk through our sample library. If the exact colorway a client desires doesn’t exist, our dyerooms can custom dye the yarn so it’s a perfect match for the client’s wants. Once we receive a deposit for the rug, we produce a sample for approval.

After we’re certain the rug is exactly what the client wants, we weave. Our weavers in the Connecticut studio weave all Hand Woven Wool, Seed and Specialty Weave rugs on floor looms. We begin by weaving each of the panels for the order. One by one, as they’re completed, we repair and lace together the panels adding a blind or reversible hem to the ends of the rug. If the rug is designed for a stairway or a wall-to-wall area, a latex backing is applied to the rug’s back.

All rugs in the Teff collection are handwoven at our India Mill. Teff patterns can be woven to a set width up to 10 feet wide and up to 30 feet long without a seam. Anything larger requires one. Similar to the wool woven rugs, seams are bound by reversible or invisible blinding.

Once the rug is complete and the order paid, we will arrange shipment to the desired destination with care instructions included. Elizabeth Eakins staff is always available to discuss care, placement and any other inquiries during the design, production and aftercare process.