Rug Care

Nov. 1 2013
How it's Made


We receive many inquiries about cleaning and general maintenance of our rugs. I thought it would be helpful to give some tips.

There are three parts to consider: regular maintenance vacuuming, emergency cleaning and professional cleaning.

Vacuuming and Maintenance

2 vacuum nozzle
Vacuum your rug on a regular basis to remove loose soil, usually once a week. Our recommended vacuum is the Miele Alize 300. It has a legitimate Hepa filter system that helps to catch particles, and has a suction that draws down into the rug without abrasion. The flathead without a beater brush is the best. It will cut down on snags and pulls. Cleaning heads with beaters will often wear a carpet and break the fibers. The Miele also offers a small flat attachment, which is extremely helpful for staircases and spot vacuuming.

vacuum direction
When vacuuming, always move forward in the warp direction of the rug on a flatwoven rug, and the nap direction of a velvet rug. Often, folks will stand in one place and vacuum in a fan movement; this is not productive. The idea is to clean the rug with the least amount of stress on the fibers.

Area rugs should be turned once a year, this helps with even wear. If the rug is reversible, turn it over as well. Always use a rug pad. The pad cushions footsteps which will keep the grinding and wear to a minimum.



Emergency Cleaning

The phone rings, a panicked designer or client is on the line. The dog has had an accident, the child has thrown up, red wine has been spilled – or one of many other typical occurrences in a residence.

In an emergency always BLOT and absorb first with a clean white towel. Then blot the area with the towel dampened with a dilution of Ivory Liquid or Eucalan(can be purchased on the internet) in bottled water. 1 tablespoon to 1 quart of bottled water. Rinse cloth in dilution each time then blot. Do this 3x then rinse in clean water and blot again. DO NOT RUB the area, BLOT. If a fan is available turn on and point at wet area. If not a blow dryer is also very good.

NEVER pour solution directly onto the rug or rub the rug. It may cause distortion of the fibers. We cannot recommend any other products. If the spot does not come out, call a professional to come in.




Professional Cleaning

The greatest challenge is when a household has tried several methods to clean the rug, often resulting in a greater problem which sometimes cannot be resolved. When in doubt ALWAYS call the professional first.

Have rugs professionally cleaned every 1-3 years depending on use. The water extraction method is often what is used.


Professionals that we recommend:

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Michael Flynn
Flynn’s Carpet & Fabric Care

West Coast
Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger

Miele Vacuum
Vinci’s Home Products