Master Series

The beauty and intrinsic value of age-old artistic practices is evident every step of the way in these warp-faced, flat woven rugs which make up our signature collections. Clients are welcome to visit our Connecticut studio to see the process of the rugs being made. First the yarn is hand dyed in pots in our dye room, creating beautifully nuanced colors. Yarns are then wound in measured lengths and threaded on the loom where panels are woven by skilled artisans. Once completed, they are hand seamed and custom finished to the customer's specifications. The human touch is present from beginning to end in these multi-purpose rugs available in textured weave structures that include handwoven wool grids, plaids and stripes, handwoven wool seed and handwoven wool crumble and are all part of our Master Series of rugs.

Made to order, custom color and size. Handwoven in the Ct. studio.

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