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It begins in 1978 with one woman who had a talent for textile design and believed in the discipline of doing things by hand.

A special look into Elizabeth Eakins’ process, passion and work. Directed by Gael Towey with cinematography by Victoria Pearson.

We owe our craft to nature and so we take it upon ourselves to be stewards of the land.
Well before we begin weaving or hand tufting, we consider our process in earnest. From raising sheep and choosing the most nourishing feeds to shearing one at a time in a calm setting to seeking sustainable mills for spinning — we never compromise. We pay attention to every detail.
Living with Elizabeth Eakins rugs is an intimate experience.
From the beginning, the handwoven rug has been the heart of Elizabeth Eakins. Diversity of techniques and yarn systems, expert coloration, and attention to quality in production set the industry standard.
From its origins as a pencil sketch, to the handdying of the fibers, and the steady guiding of the loom, the human touch is ever present.
Several types of looms are used for rug production. The sizes of the rugs can vary from 24 inches wide to 24 feet wide in a single panel, with no limit to length in some collections. Each weave structure is designed to be produced in multiple panels or oversize rugs and installations. Handwoven rugs are constructed to be reversible.
Beloved for their richness & simplicity, Elizabeth Eakins rugs evoke the phenomenon of natural light gracing an organic form.
Nature is our starting point. We begin with a natural fiber as our base material and the natural world as our inspiration. Color and light, and their interactive play in nature, influence our patterns and colorways. The natural cycles and changes that occur across landscapes are an infinite supply of palettes and textures that have inspired nearly 40 years of timeless and sophisticated design.
Our love of making and natural fibers is everpresent in our rugs, fabric, and grasscloth collections.
We always infuse our process with reverence and respect for the individuals who make it happen. We are a team of makers who value timeless design and quality in all the details. We work tirelessly to bring natural beauty into homes, creating products that are healthy for the planet and healthy to live with.
See the difference of Elizabeth Eakins for yourself.
Come visit us at our studio in South Norwalk Connecticut, see our collection at Holland & Sherry, or meet us virtually through booking an appointment. We would love to meet and show the difference Elizabeth Eakins makes.

Elizabeth Eakins Studio

The Elizabeth Eakins Studio is located in South Norwalk Connecticut and is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:00pm, by appointment only. Please call or email us to visit and we would be happy to have you come by.

5 Taft Street, South Norwalk, CT 06854

T: 203.831.9347

Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm M-F

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