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Woven Textures

Olbia Polar

Our Woven Textures rugs were developed to introduce a modern European design sensibility while keeping to our roots of hand weaving. They are tightly woven from 100% New Zealand wool, making them incredibly durable for active households.

Content: Wool felted around a Jute core.
Order Minimum: 9 square feet
Application: Area rugs & Wall-to-Wall and Stair Runner Installations.
Origin: Hand woven in Romania.
Finishing: Rugs are woven to be completely reversible and will have a rolled hem along the 2 widths of the rug.
Custom Capabilities: Colors must be selected from our 96 signature yarn colors. Custom cut outs and shapes are available.
Max Weaving Width: 19’8″
Max Weaving Length: No max weaving length.